Biz Diva: ubiquitous, peripatetic, coming soon to a venue near you!

DCS3381If you're anything like some entrepreneuresses I know, you may have been putting off some of the hard work of managing your business 'til September. These lazy days of summer may be affecting your motivation... But! The Biz Diva is ready to help you get that magic back. She's everywhere in the next month, assuring that you can find the perfect time, place, and focus for you!

August 29 in San Francisco, she's on a panel for Powerful Women International: Your Vision, Your Dream: Uncover Your Power to Success!

• Re-ignite passion for your purpose! • Create a value-centered strategy for your business • Uncover hidden barriers to success • Maximize your website with more qualifiable hits • Effectively utilize social networking

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September 15th, the Biz Diva brings one of her most exciting talks to the Petaluma Area Chamber of Commerce for breakfast: 10 Steps to Creating & Maintaining a Million-Dollar Business

(from their flyer) Cynthia Riggs specializes in taking women to the next level of business success. See how she can help turn your company into a million-dollar business. Her expertise is giving women the tools to maximize their business profitability. Those that attend this seminar are guaranteed to get inspired, get perspective, and get specifics!

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September 30, Santa Rosa, for one of her famous 8-hour workshops: Make Your Next Step the Right Step

You’ve had enough business philosophy. Now it’s time to take action. The Biz Diva’s exclusive One Page Business Plan® Program has proven to be incredibly effective for all types of businesses and all levels of development.

In the 8-hour interactive workshop, Cynthia Riggs will guide you through the creation of a one year action plan filled with specific, tangible steps to help take your business to the next level.

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