Building Your Business Using Your Action Muscles

Three weeks ago I ended my blog committing to write another installment the following week. I thought if I laid out the content and made the commitment in writing it would support me to follow through. Today I am getting around to writing the promised blog. As many of you have experienced, the road to blogging is paved with many good intentions and we know where that leaves us! Blog-less! Regarding this dilemma, my question for today is “Can I move my business forward if I rely on my intentions and not my actions?” My answer is “no” and I believe taking the next step into action is about building some muscles. I’m telling you the answer right up front so you can decide if you want to read further or drop away into thinking about this, i.e., processing this on your own. I support you to stay put, keep reading, and see what other options might be available to you.

“Building muscles” is an analogy used for lots of things other than going to the gym or body building. I chose it because it is highly relatable and implies that you are developing a practice in order to shape the body you desire. It doesn’t happen overnight, but over time with diligence and commitment, you are likely to be successful. Using the same principles, you can build the business of your dreams.



Building your Business using your Action Muscles

First step—Make the commitment to take action (exercise) even if you don’t know the outcome

Second step—Each day, make a written list of the action steps (lift weights) you need to take (we all have that immense task list dogging our heels, so start there)

Third step—Pick one action item to start with, the one that is easiest or, the one that will give you the biggest bang for your effort, but just one (what one exercise is going to support you best in getting to your goal?)

Fourth step—Schedule yourself (show up every day), on your calendar, to do the action item you committed to (exercise and lift weights).

For instance, If you write a blog, try breaking it down into the actual steps that go into each blog. If you are a process oriented person, you might write the first draft, edit the first draft, re-write and send to friend, colleague or professional for editing. Once the blog is “perfect”, find a picture to accompany the blog. Post blog to social media sites. Reply to any responses.

Fifth step—Figure out your limitations and come up with the work around (don’t give up when the going gets tough!) to keep things moving forward.

As an action oriented person, I write the blog, look it over a couple of times, and when it is “good enough”, I send it to my VA . It is her job to find the picture and posts to social media sites. Left to my own devices the blog wouldn’t get posted because after I write it the next steps require skills I am not interested in developing. Understanding (and accepting) on my limitations allows me to delegate and keep the blog moving forward into an effective marketing tactic.

Sixth step—Start over with the next action item on your list (repetition makes the process easier)