Business Building Epiphanies

Just a year ago, in December of 2012, I thought to myself, “Cynthia, you are resting on your laurels and not living up to your business building potential. You know you can do better!”  Embracing that idea, I made the decision to take my consulting company to the next level. I know how to increase revenue, I know how to build a business and even though I have made the conscious decision to stay solo, I wanted to expand my business to serve more women in a broader geographical reach. Fast forward to today, December 2013. Now that twelve months of focused business building are in the past, I can reflect on what it took to move from comfort to discomfort, to push myself through the processes that many of my clients go thorough, and remember what it “really” takes to move a business to more profitability and success.

Before I delve into the specifics of my business building experience, I want to share my two personal epiphanies, because in many ways, they were the most valuable part of the experience.

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My first realization had to do with getting up close and personal with my ability to manifest. I see that my success in driving my business forward was directly impacted by my capacity to take action; directed action, not random action. “Build it and they will come”, is not just a movie quote, it is a viable call to action, one that is meant to inspire. In looking back, I am amazed that I stayed the course; that I didn’t derail, crash or burn. I attribute this success to my manifesting skills, which show up in my tenacious, “can do”, behavior.

If you have traction (time, experience, a level of success) in your business and know there is a need/want/desire for the product or services you offer, consider the possibility of expansion and growth. Write your business plan, create the roadmap, and work on it until you clearly see the future you want to manifest. If your capacity (time, money, energy) is in alignment with your plan, your business will not be in the same place twelve months later! I will attest to that!

My second significant awareness had to do with a new and improved understanding that “good enough” is pretty darn fabulous. Over the past year, when I was able to just let it be (whatever “it” was) and move forward rather than getting bogged down in all that it could/should/would have been if only….., my momentum stayed productive.

Many women see themselves as perfectionists and after this experience I see the imminent danger in waiting for perfection. I don’t think perfection occurs all that often and when it does, I am not sure how much we can claim responsibility for bringing it forth. Leaning into “good enough” will move you from process to action and the good news is, you can always go back if you want to.

Next week, I will delve into the specific business building steps that were required to move my business forward. For starters, I’ll talk about rebranding, building a new website, mega networking, and redefining my Ideal Client.