Day #3: Can You Pass the True Test of Entrepreneurship?

delegatetasksIf you are serious about growing your business, you need to delegate tasks. The way the Biz Diva helps her divotées see this is by showing them the way to discover their most powerful talents and skills. Once you learn (through a short series of exercises) where you should be concentrating your time—doing those things that you do with energy, enthusiasm, and excellence—it makes it easier to decide what someone else can help you do. And when that someone else is doing things that they do with energy, enthusiasm and excellence, what a wonderful world it is. We have a diva in our group who is our hero in this regard. As her business has grown she has transitioned from having her hands in all parts of the business, to marshalling her time into those areas where a director should be. Now she spends her time and talents hiring employees who express their joy through doing work they are good at and that they love doing. You can image how her life—and the life of her company—has improved! When we first met her a couple years ago, she just wanted to get rid of this business that was a source of pain and difficulty. Today, she is fully engaged, and meeting the challenges of our economy with a positive, strong outlook.

And she delegates! Just for today, think about how learning to delegate could help grow your business. What it would feel like to have help? What work would be like if you spent more of your time on things you were enthusiastic about, had abundant energy to do, and were excellent at?

We’re using the “7 Recession Stress-Busters” from as a jumping off point to help each other survive—even thrive—in these challenging times. Let us know in the comments how your work life would improve if you delegated more.

CogitationCynthia Riggs