Day #4: Recess!

getoutsideThis is my favorite stress-buster. And right now in northern California there is so much sunshine, you just can't resist it. If the promise of pure sensual pleasure is not enough to make you don a pair of sneakers and get outside, says it's good for you! To quote their post "Studies show that just 15 minutes or so outside can boost vitamin D levels that improve sleep and reduce daytime stress."  Still not enough to move you to move? It also helps you breathe more deeply, getting oxygen to all your cells. And that means into your brain, too, where your creativity lies, waiting to be activated. Plus, you'll smile more—at people you pass, at the squirrel sitting on the stump, at the ridiculously early wildflowers that are popping out of the soil with irrepressible vitality, as if they hadn't even heard about the recession.

So be like them—go be a wildflower and get your recess on!

We’re using the “7 Recession Stress-Busters” from as a jumping off point to help each other survive—even thrive—in these challenging times. Go outside and then write in the comments—tell us if it helped you or was a big old waste of time.