Day #5: Health Makes Wealth, as My Papou Used to Say

stayhealthyThere are times when you can coast on your confidence in your good health, and times when it's necessary to treat it like the precious asset it is. For me, that means a more alert mindfulness around three main behaviors:1) Exercise 2) Nutrition 3) Posture in my chair

Since I spend so much time on a computer, and I love my work, it's easy for me to get totally lost in the work and forget to sit up straight or take breaks to move the neck muscles around. Result: debilitating headache. Cessation of all work. And what entrepreneur can afford that?

A couple months ago, I had a little bell on my computer that rang every half hour to tell me to get up and dance around. It worked for a while, and then I started to ignore it, and finally I turned it off. But I'm going to start it up again—with a different reminder tune. It's important to keep trying new things to stimulate and motivate good health. What's your health bête noir? Let us know in the comments!

We’re using the “7 Recession Stress-Busters” from as a jumping off point to help each other survive—even thrive—in these challenging times. How's your health? What are you doing to maintain or improve it these days?

PerspirationCynthia Riggs