Day #6: Sit Up

situp Yes, right now. Put both feet flat on the floor, check your elbow angle, and pretend there's an invisible string coming out of the top of your head, gently pulling you into a straighter position. Your head should float on the top of your neck. 

My mom constantly reminded me to stand up straight. I thought she was wrong, that my insolent teenage slouch was cool, but it turns out there are lots of good reasons for good posture—including many that can improve your worklife. 

After the jump: 8 Reasons for Good Posture

1. Portrays a better, more confident image.

2. Breathing becomes easier and deeper.

3. Improves circulation and digestion.

4. Makes you look slimmer and younger.

5. Your voice will sound better.

6. Help your muscles and joints.

7. Change your frame of mind.

8. Healthy spine

(These 8 Reasons are courtesy of Cultivate Greatness. Visit their site for more in-depth explanations.)

We’re using the “7 Recession Stress-Busters” from as a jumping off point to help each other survive—even thrive—in these challenging times. Do you have any tricks you can share for improving your posture?