Day #7: 5 Ways to Reward Yourself

rewardyourselfYou'd think this one would be easy, but as entrepreneurs we are always looking forward, thinking about the next thing. And we are always chasing. Plus, for many of us, we are doing what we love. So its hard to reward ourselves. But necessary. suggests an office pizza party or a long weekend. Here are my 5 favorite free ways to reward myself:

  1. Write down a compliment for yourself. What would you say to your friend if she accomplished what you did?
  2. Take a day off. This is a wonderful reward for those bigger achievements.
  3. Go for a walk. This is a reward in so many ways.
  4. For small accomplishments, I give myself 15 minutes to cruise the Internet for things that make me smile: stupid pet videos, local art events, or "window" shopping for shoes.
  5. Write a thank you e-mail to someone who helped to get here: someone who proofed your press release or introduced you to a new client, someone who listened when you were at your low-point.

This is the last of  the “7 Recession Stress-Busters” from If you've been following along, you have achieved a new level of serenity. What are some of your favorite low-cost rewards?

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