Discount price extended for How to Sell...

how-to-sell-more-with-less-stresslr1Remember that workshop I told you about? The one for those of you who need sales, but suffer from sales-a-phobia? The discount has been extended to May 11. In case you don't remember, this was the fact that inspired me to learn how to sell:

All entrepreneurs and business owners must learn sales skills. No one will sell your product or service better than you, so you must become comfortable with your role as chief salesperson.

You know it's true. 

This workshop is designed especially for women: we'll learn how to sell our way, we'll learn how to use our ability to build rapport, and how to make the whole process fun and creative. And we'll be learning from one of the best in the sales biz!

Register online by going to: or you can call the Biz Diva at (707) 823-1602, or e-mail her at