Diva Sue Libby wins by a nose!

barakalr Sue Libby completed Cynthia’s One Page Business Plan program back in 2006 and then joined the Biz Divas (one of Cynthia's mastermind groups). Each month her check-in included progress on her novel, on her shamanistic studies, and on her living situation, in addition to her business (Baraka Breath of Life), which makes ceramic neti pots and essential oil burners. Hers were the only pots made in the USA, so they were a little more expensive, but they were beautiful. She got our entire group hooked on nasal rinsing. My husband would like me to thank Sue for the snore-free nights.

Anyway, Sue was chooblin' along at a few thousand pots a month in Whole Foods and other health conscious stores, contemplating ways to grow the company and stay true to her vision of an environmentally- and worker-friendly business. She wanted the Biz Diva to help her get her finances in order so she could sleep better, and she wanted to get some support around her hiring decisions, and what she should do about a recalcitrant sales rep.

And then wham! Here comes opportunity.

Oprah interviews  a physician on her show and they introduce neti pots and nasal rinsing to the world of Oprah. Pretty quickly, neti pots were sold out across the country and Sue got orders for 20,000 pots. Being that Sue was the only manufacturer to produce her pots in the US, her company was the only one who could keep up with the initial demand that the Oprah show generated.

And you know what the strange and wonderful thing is? Sue’s business tripled and the orders have stayed robust. Sue's ramp-up was smart and careful, and she kept her overhead down. She filled her orders and they kept coming.

When Sue comes to our Biz Diva meetings, we see her as someone we want to emulate. She put together a great team she trusts, so she works part-time, and she travels (she's in Peru right now!). Her financials are in good shape. She has time to pursue her many interests, and to expand her business offerings to products she feels a connection to, like essential oils related to sinus health. Sue is a success story, and watching her, we believe that we, too, can achieve our business dream come true.

Congratulations, Sue, and thank you for showing us how to do it!