Do you have shared DNA with your Business Mentor?

I am inspired to write on the topic of mentoring because last week I had an occasion to contact one of mine - Jim Horan, President of The One Page Business Plan Company.  Connecting with Jim reminds me of the importance and value of having trusted advisors in my business life.

I have known Jim since 2004, when I became a certified One Page Business Plan® (OPBP) consultant. Jim and I have a great relationship and he often comments that we “share DNA.”  I get the gist of “shared DNA” and figured it was a nice way of saying he valued me as a collaborator. Until yesterday, I didn’t really understand what this meant. Well now I have embodied (perfect for DNA, right?) the metaphor.

I called Jim because I am preparing to do a talk on the One Page Business Plan to over 100 Health Care Underwriters. Jim specializes in the insurance and financial services industries so it was a no-brainer to contact him for direction. In addition, I have always found Jim to be over the top generous with information and his materials. Yesterday’s call was no exception.

In addition to sage advice, Jim sent me a PowerPoint he had put together for a presentation to Financial Service Advisors. This is where the “shared DNA” came to life. I am big on collaboration and love to create presentations and content with other smart business people. However, the downside has often been that our thinking and delivery process have nothing in common, so it is especially difficult to use existing materials, such as a PowerPoint or manual. Well, I was singing Hallelujah as I reviewed Jim’s presentation. You know why? I could have written it! The content, the logic, the progression, were as familiar to me as if I had laid it out myself. This has never happened before!

Since my days with Making It Big (started in 1984) I have known the value of advisors, mentors, and consultants and the importance of having these people as a part of my team. Today I know what it is like to “share DNA” with one of my valued mentors and that has taken my concept of mentoring to a whole new level. I consider myself blessed :)