Does Striving For Perfection Serve You?

Perfection2I have been waiting for a good time to share this verse on Perfection. Pam Austin, my friend and colleague, gave this to me and it caught my attention because I know that many of us get caught in the perfection trap. I think the juxtaposition between perfection and excellence provides a contrasting point of view that will offer you some food for thought. Think about where you live in this spectrum and contemplate if it is time for a change or shift that might better support you in your life and in your work. Perfection -Unknown

Perfection is being right. Excellence is willing to be wrong.

Perfection is fear. Excellence is taking a risk.

Perfection is anger and frustration. Excellence is powerful.

Perfection is control. Excellence is spontaneous.

Perfection is judgment. Excellence is accepting.

Perfection is taking. Excellence is giving.

Perfection is doubt. Excellence is confidence.

Perfection is pressure. Excellence is natural.

Perfection is destination. Excellence is the journey.