Happy Monday! No—really!

smilethumbToday is smile day. Do just this one thing. It takes 4 minutes. I know, because I did it and timed myself. 

We guarantee it’ll make your work life better OR YOUR MONEY BACK.

Oh wait, you didn’t give us any money. EVEN BETTER.

Print out this pdf, and cut out the reminders. Scatter them about, wherever you want, though I've made some suggestions. And whenever you see one, do one. 

I am not in the mood for this, you say. Why should I do it? 

Because smiling is the secret ingredient to good business:

1) It makes you look 10 pounds lighter and10 years younger—instantly.

2) It’s empowering—when you smile you control your outlook on the world.

3) It reminds you that life is good, life is funny, it gives you just that little distance so you can see that everything is really okay.

4) It’s free!

5) You can change the world: Notice how most people automatically smile back at you. When they turn their head, they are still smiling, and someone smiles back at them. 

6) It is kind. It makes the world a kinder place.

7) It’s relaxing: It takes seventeen muscles to smile and forty-three to frown. (I have no idea if this is true. I found it on the internet.)

8) It makes you look successful, and success breeds success. And then it makes you realize that you are successful!

9) It makes people want to be around you.

I look forward to hearing all about your smiling experiences!