Horse Course follow up:

Last weekend was Alyssa Aubrey and my first “Redefining Our Limiting Beliefs—Women, Horses & Leadership” course and I have to say that we amazed even ourselves. The combination of the leadership intelligence instruction and working with the horses to experience the critical connection between the mind and the body had so much impact that every student had a transformative adventure. They were good enough to share it, and I’d like to let their words speak for themselves:


This class far exceeded my expectations in so many ways- the setting was outstanding, the collaboration was perfect, the exercises (written) were right on and working with the horses was icing on the cake.

Cynthia and Alyssa took me on an adventure that provided a major personal and professional breakthrough.  I am forever grateful to you both.



I was able to realize something about myself that I have kept buried for 25 + years. Not only did it come to the surface but also I am willing to deal with working through the issues.



What a unique experience! Cynthia and Alyssa provide a great opportunity for opening up to new thinking and intense understanding.

Both women are very powerful leaders and are excellent at holding space for each individual as well as being quite insightful.