How to Use Inspiration

lightbulbsYou know just how it is: you get inspired by a quote from someone, you attend a lecture and walk out thinking "Yes! I will change now!" And then you go home and watch TV. Maybe not every time, but enough of the time to make it hard to believe in change.  You just have too much to do. Here's the solution. I got it from Seth Simonds blog.

When you are inspired by someone else's idea, do this:

  1. Immediately write down the things you’d like to change and what the biggest obstacles to those changes are. 
  2. Call your craziest friend and talk to them about your ideas. Write down all  the additional ideas you come up with. 
  3. Email the list of ideas to your most logical friend who knows you well and ask your friend to go over your list and make suggestions the following day.

So I'm doing it now. I was inspired by this quote at the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur blog: 

All entrepreneurs and business owners must learn sales and business development skills first. No one will sell your idea, product or service better than you, so you must become comfortable with your role as chief salesperson.

I've sort of known this for a while, and even talked about it with intelligent people. But have I done anything about it? Nope. So I'm doing what Seth Simonds says:

  1. The thing I'd like to change is my discomfort with selling. The biggest obstacle to that is that I have no sales training. 
  2. I called my craziest friend. He gave me some sales advice. 
  3. Now I'm going to e-mail my list to my most logical friend. Lucky for me, I've cultivated a verrrry logical friend to help. 

I'll report back and let you know how this is going!

And to all you crazy friends out there: if you have any ideas on how to get better at sales, please comment below. I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd like some help with this!