I love this website: No Recession For Me

norecessionThis is the place to go when you've heard one too many stories about the bad economy.

Stand up and reject the recession! This beautiful site is so well done that I think I want to watch it every morning. The music (it sort of sounds like "Bolero") is enough to make me wade back into fray.

I highly recommend watching the video on the site. Here are some of the tips offered on the video:

  1. If you make something, make it better so it's irresistible to consumers.  If you're in a service industry, offer more for the money.
  2. If you're laid off or soon to be, lose the "I'm too good" for certain jobs attitude.  If you have extra time, volunteer.
  3. Stop watching and reading negative news.

If you sign in sooon, your name will appear in the Wall Street Journal in the spring! And you can get access to a lot of great articles like "Recessions an be a good time to start a new business."

Do One ThingCynthia Riggs