Let's Get This New Year Started!

What do you need to take your business to the stratosphere this year? The Biz Diva can help you with the essentials for success: 1) Get A Plan It's a law of business: Businesses with plans succeed; those without rarely do. You can attend one of the Biz Diva's introductions to the One Page Business Plan in Sacramento on January 13 (click here for more details) or attend a workshop in Santa Rosa, starting January 22 (click here for more details). 

2) Get A Handle on Your Money It feels a little like going in for dental work, but when you come out you feel lighter than air! The Biz Diva has a "Financial Fundamentals" class starting January 14 in Santa Rosa, and she channels Suze Orman on January 20 . Click here to find out how 2009 can be the year you get your money house in order.

3) Support and Inspiration The Biz Diva has a new group of her business support courses starting soon. Need more support and inspiration more often? The Biz Diva is happy to talk to you about one-on-one counseling, for the ultimate New Year jumpstart. Just e-mail her at cynthia@bizdiva.biz!

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