Looking For Long Term Relationships

LTR2When we get to know someone and there is a connection, we often want to foster that connection to see if we are meant to become friends or lovers or collaborators, whichever is in the stars. I venture to say that when we feel connected, most of us look forward to staying that way as long as possible. One reason is the investment we make when connection and possibility are on the forefront. Another is we see the value in forming long term relationships because we know the payoff is vast and far reaching. Finally, authentic connections that lead to any type of committed relationship are not all that common. I realize that my most valuable professional relationships, whether with strategic partners, colleagues or clients are what I consider to be a long term relationship. You already know that business between women is most often based on a sense of connection, real or imagined. If you bring your attention to how to create lifelong relationships in business, with women and men, you’ll likely manifest the benefits that come with longevity.

Every client that has built a seven figure business under my tutelage has been with me for the long haul. This has been true whether they were already a six figure business or just starting out. The shortest duration was 3 years and the longest has been 11 years. All but one of the women who bridged the seven figure revenue barrier are still my clients! Each relationship changes as the business grows, but being in the role of trusted advisor with a skill set that is far reaching, I am a great partner as the needs of the business require a different type of attention.

Last year, a client who has been with me since January 2010 had pretty much stopped with the one on one consulting. We continued to meet monthly at the Biz Diva Mastermind group, do monthly financial review and have quarterly meetings with the CPA. Earlier this year, she asked me if I could work with one of her employees, to help get her back on track. The success of this short term coaching led to my working with a team of four and getting them to play nicely in the sandbox which morphed into bi-weekly meetings where the team, the owner, and I are working on much needed procedures and systems. Last but not least, I will be facilitating a 1.5 day leadership workshop to bring her team more in alignment with their strengths and share options on how to work through their differences.

I have many more of these stories and perhaps I’ll share more next week. For today, what I want to impress upon you is this: You want lifelong clients. These are professional relationships based on mutual respect and appreciation, where your value is apparent and your skill set allowed to blossom and grow along with your client’s success.

You know I want you to share your experiences so please don’t hesitate to contact me.