Money, Money, Money

Daily, I hear a lot of emphasis on “making money” and not so much focus on bringing forth the business mission. I consider this to be ass backwards. Not to say there is anything wrong with making money and I want you to make lots of it! What I want you to consider are the obstacles you face when you lose sight of (or push out of sight) the steps it takes to build a successful business. Here are three examples of what I mean by losing sight:

Passion1. Your passion is not connected to a viable revenue stream.

Most women create their business when they see a need and want to solve the identifiable problem. This need can be universal or it can be personal. Either way, crafting your business from this POV is a form of passion. The work to be done is making sure there is at least one feasible source of income associated with your idea. This can involve trial and error and you might need to get out of your own way with what you were sure was going to work in order to discover alternative ways of connecting your product or service to revenue.

Money Mind Chatter2. You believe your self-worth is tied to how much money you and your business are making.

Our money mind chatter can be the root of much discomfort and most of us connect our value to how much money we make, have made, or are going to make. It takes 3-5 (if not more) years to build a successful, profitable business and you need to give yourself the time and space to get there. In the meantime, stay focused on your mission, take care of yourself while in the process of business building and remember that money is only one piece of business success. Making less money and being more profitable is an enviable place to be. :)

RabbitCarrot3. You are trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Sometimes it is tough to disconnect another’s apparent success from what we think about ourselves. You see your peers driving luxurious cars, wearing expensive clothing/jewelry, getting visibility/accolades in their business and part of you might get lost in feeling badly about yourself and feeling “not as good as”. All you have the ability to change is yourself and this is a good place to harness your self-worth. There is room in the world for abundant success and what we see is often only the surface. Scratch the surface and well, who knows what you’ll find.

Next week we’ll look at three more examples and delve a little deeper into how focusing so much on making the money moves us off our path and can be counterproductive.