My dream web app for GTD

thymer_logoI have been wishing for this for 10 years. I have harangued every web programmer I know. All I'm asking for is:

  • Web-based To Do list
  • Project management 
  • Time tracking

Apparently I harangued the right person, because the people at Thymer gave me exactly what I want! It's so easy to use. I can go to it in any browser and see just what I'm supposed to do next. 

It's still in beta phase, but that's kind of cool because you can help the Thymerites make it even more perfect with your feedback. And these guys are serious—I wrote them with a little whine (I can't get it on my cell phone) and they wrote back in mere minutes telling me their mobile roll-out schedule. 

I hope you'll try it; I think it will make everyone's life easier. They are calling it "Project management and task planning for people who hate project management and task planning." I'm a person who loves project management, so please, those of you who hate project management, try it out, and let me know if it makes you as happy as it makes me.

While it's in beta mode, you need to be invited. Consider yourself invited! To sign up, go here, and put in the usual stuff. But you'll also need a beta key: it is BIZDIVA. We have enough for 250 people to try it out. After that, you'll have to wait 'til they roll out the real version.