Once a Diva, Always a Diva: Diva Maureen on CNN

Maureen Lomasney was in Cynthia's first Biz Diva group way back in the day. She's got mad marketing skills, but she came to get support for the start up that ruled her heart: Funeria. Incredible unique artworks, created to hold cremated remains. 

Now CNN is running a story about her, and about how she used her entrepreneurial skills to succeed. The Funeria gallery is in Graton (open "By appointment and chance"), and it's a wonderful place, peaceful but also inspiring. There is nothing like coming in from a sunny day to the cool space and pondering the many ways one can be remembered in the hereafter. Maureen will definitely be remembered as a creative entrepreneur that was able to offer art and beauty to honor a life. "Art is communicative," she says, "and can help to heal a troubled heart."

InspirationCynthia Riggs