Oprah recommends the One Page Business Plan

opbpoprahSo how can you miss this class? She has some nice sample business plans on her website, too. (Click on the graphic to the left to go there.)  The One Page Business Plan is the most powerful tool I've ever used for my business. In one page, you clearly state your vision for your business and write down the steps you will follow to get there. It grounds your business fantasy in reality.

I believe there is something magical about it. In one of my past businesses, my partner and I wrote down the revenue we wanted to generate in the next year. It seemed a little wild—could the two of us make that much?— but after we did all the calculations, it was just possible. At the end of the next year we compared our income with our projection. We were within 3%. Amazing.

Did I say powerful? Every woman entrepreneur needs this kind of power. You need this. Go get it.

Class starts Monday in Santa Rosa, next month in San Jose.

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