Presentation Advice from Chris Brogan

83152440Everyone I know is preparing presentations this week--including the Biz Diva. It's a great opportunity to get your info organized, but I never know where to start. Chris Brogan has a really helpful post called Make Better Presentations. He reminded me that people like to hear stories. It's a very human trait. So I'm going to take advantage of that in mine.

Here's a snippet from Chris on a framework that I used for my presentation:

  • Ask your audience a question that frames the speech.
  • Tell your audience how you’ll try and answer that question.
  • Start with a personal or investigatory story.
  • Drill down into the details of how the story applies to your presentation.
  • Offer some takeaways or next-actions for this.
  • Tell another personal or informational story.
  • Repeat the drill down points, the takeaways, etc.
  • Thread questions in earlier than the end.
  • Finish with a solid set of steps people can use to take action based on your presentation.

Do you have any advice that's helped you with presentations? Let your fellow entrepreneurs know about it in the comments!

PerspirationCynthia Riggs