Say Thank You!

homemadenotecardsThe Biz Diva considers this one of the most powerful business practices around--and it's free. Do it daily and you are guaranteed to have a more positive outlook on life. And you will be adding to the sum total of civilized discourse in the world! It's a thank you note! Actually, one successful entrepreneur we know, Jim Horan of The One Page Business Plan, says, "I write at least three. Every day. It puts me in a very positive state of mind."

Ideally, you'd use some lovely customized stationery with your logo on it, but that can get a little expensive for a small business. So we did a little research and found the very nice Avery Note Cards at your local office supply store. You can print two-sided on them, and you can even print your return address on the envelope! And I only had to lay out about $25 instead of the more than $300 the local printer, Kinko's, and Vista Print wanted.

This post was written by Virginia Reuter of Ardentio for the Biz Diva.