Speak Up and Accelerate Your Business Success – Tips for Stepping Into Center Stage

Speak up4As a woman in business, I want you to stand up and be loud and proud about who you are and what you offer. I want you to know, for a fact, that your audience wants to hear your brilliance and awesomeness. You are amazing and have worked so hard to bring your true self forward; let her take the center stage, speak up, and spread her wings in front of the room. Don't stand down or hide behind your fear and reluctance. You don't need to plan it all out you or know exactly what you’re going to say. You can step into the unknown/unfamiliar and nothing bad will happen. I believe this to be true. Your discomfort with the unknown becomes a story you rely on to keep yourself safe. Safe from what? What horrible thing is going to happen if you skip a line, forget to make a point, or the joke falls flat? You pick back up, perhaps make a little fun of yourself, move forward, and awe your audience with your valuable information and authentic delivery.

We stop ourselves because we think “we aren’t perfect”, “it isn't done” yet. Waiting for “perfection” and “done” are traps that will weigh you down and hold you back. It’s almost never done or perfect, even if you think it to be true.

“Stepping off the cliff” could be a 2 inch drop, not the 100 foot fall your fearful self assures you it will be! Our perceived notions are often in the way of business success. We want to believe we know, as fact, what will happen if we take a risk. Not knowing is frequently tied to our fear but why is the unknown so intensely scary? Why do we hold back? For fear of…? What is the worst thing you can imagine happening? Is it scary enough to keep you quiet and playing small?

I want you to unleash yourself, stop pulling back and put yourself forward to show your audience who you are, in all your glory. You are powerful, you are beautiful, you have so much to offer, you do us a disservice when you deny us and don't share your amazing gifts because you’re afraid you're not good enough, not there yet, not smart enough, not educated enough. You get the picture.

I am looking forward to your next level of business success. I want to see you transcend your fear and embrace your power. I want to see you take center stage, be loud and proud, while offering your brilliance and receiving our respect and admiration.

Tips for Stepping into Center Stage:

1. Practice your opening and closing. The rest will come along and you will be awesome! 2. Believe the audience is on your side and wants you to be successful 3. You are the expert and we want to hear what you have to say 4. Be yourself (only better!) 5. Be authentic 6. Practice, Practice, Practice-not your speech, but being in front of an audience as often as possible- take the stage, facilitate teleclasses and webinars, any way you can practice being a presenter