The Art of Expressing Thanks

I am once again on my high horse about expressing gratitude and thanks.  Some days I believe I am one of the few who prioritize sending thank you notes. Every week I write them and get them into the U.S. mail. I am not talking about the random thank you email or text or the thank you offered conversationally in passing. These do not suffice! Every time a referral comes my way, big or small, I reach out to thank the person. Initially I send a branded thank you card and if the referral turns into a paying client, I then send a second thank you with a gift. I am baffled when a really good referral that turns into a paying client does not earn me a written thank you card! Sometimes it doesn’t net me a thank you of any kind. You can be sure that the next time I give a referral in that area of business I will be looking for someone else to give it to.

If, like me, you are building a business built on referrals, your strategic business partners are your referral partners! They need to be identified and appreciated on a regular basis. If a client refers, even better! They deserve a BIGGER thank you because their referral is even more likely to become your client!

If giving thanks does not come easily, take this opportunity to build an action muscle, develop a practice and try it out. Your referral partners and referring clients will appreciate your efforts and want to send even more business your way!