The Lone Rider slept here

lonerangerHaving started and successfully exited several businesses, one learning curve I faced over and over again was my determination to go it alone. Fortunately, by the time I began building the business that grew into a multimillion dollar company, I had learned to get help! We tend to have resistance to getting help because we think we know everything we need to know, we don’t want to spend the money and we really don’t have the time. Sound familiar?

I want to recommend getting out of your own way and taking the advice of sage experts: stop working in your business and start working on your business. This will require you to be uncomfortable but you will learn a new approach to business success. And the good news is, it works!

The single most powerful tool to help me work on my business is the One Page Business Plan. I have been using the one page plan for over 5 years, both with my clients and for my own business. Even though I am stellar at helping you with your planning, I work with a consultant to keep me on track with my plan. Getting outside input is vital to keeping my business on track.