To move your business forward and stay accountable: Hire a virtual assistant!

Today I have to shout out the benefits of having finally hired a virtual assistant. One of my clients referred me to Nicole and she is worth her weight in gold. I have resisted getting help, continued to think I could do it all myself. Wrong thinking!
I decided that rebranding my business required a change in behavior to accompany the transformation in the look and feel of who I am and what I do. You often hear me say that behavior changes are hard and we tend to avoid making them. I am no exception. What motivated me to make this shift is the desire to take my business to the next level. I know that a new look and feel is not going to be enough.

In the three weeks since I started working with Nicole we have developed a plan for my social media campaign (which she is going to execute), I have made the commitment to blog at least once a week, my workbooks are being redesigned to reflect a level of professionalism previously missing and best of all, I have my very own accountability partner!

You know I am BIG on accountability and partnering is the best way to keep on track and stay accountable. It is human nature to avoid disappointing another person and we are inclined to do more of what we intended when we answer to someone else.

If you are ready to get help, move out of your own way, and take the next step towards accountability, you can contact Nicole at