Tricks for Quick and Successful Blog Writing

BloggingEarlier this month I was at a networking event and Lynda McDaniel ( was presenting on “Business Writing as a Spiritual Practice.” In the course of her presentation, she tasked us with a stream of consciousness writing exercise. We were given five minutes and directed not to lift the pen from paper; the idea was to write a continuous flow on a topic of our choice. If you read below, you’ll see what I composed during the exercise. I wrote what could be considered an entire blog in five minutes! And it gets even better! I learned a new trick on my iPhone; how to use the recording option in the default Notes app. I probably didn’t do this in the most efficient way as I am not technologically gifted, but it was awesome as it was! I took what I had written during the above mentioned exercise and spoke it into my phone and the phone transcribed what I was saying! It took four Notes to capture it (I am guessing there is limit to how many characters each Note can contain) but it was quick and painless! I then emailed each Note to my computer, copied them to one Word document and spent about 15 minutes editing. A blog was born!

Here’s how it’s done:

- Give yourself at least 5 minutes and do a stream of consciousness writing exercise on a topic you want to share with your peeps - Don’t lift your pen from the paper, doodle if you need to between thoughts, but keep writing - Using the default Notes app on your iPhone, select “New” and then select the microphone icon at the bottom of the screen. - Read your written stream of consciousness exercise into your phone, paying attention to when the Note stops so you start a new one - Send each transcribed Note to your computer or tablet and copy them to a Word document - Edit and send out to your followers (or hire an editor if you need help, don’t let this piece stop you)

I would love for you to share your tips for successful blog writing, any thoughts for improving what I came up with or how you can do this on other phones or devices.

Stream of Consciousness Blog

A couple of weeks ago I had an epiphany. Since graduating from college and being self-employed I have started one business and then another and another. Each of these businesses evolved from something I was passionate about or a problem I was passionate about solving. You might have heard me say this before, but this is not today’s epiphany! The new awareness is this – since the age of 23, my passion in life has continuously been my business of the day and building business is what I love to do more than anything. In reviewing each of my endeavors, I find there are no exceptions.

I am stepping into owning that my passion in life is my work. I have often felt ashamed or embarrassed when asked about my hobbies or what things I most like to do. When this question is posed, my mind goes blank because what I love to do is my work. Serving my clients is what floats my boat. It has been this way for as long as I can remember. I am built to serve and my passion is connected to serving and I am happiest when I get to bring forth that which I love to do.

I think I should have more important things to do than work. I like to do a lot of other things but my number one priority is working with you to have the business of your dreams. I'm a visionary and illuminating your vision and helping you actualize it makes me the happiest.

I have often thought there was something wrong with me and I am “less than” because my work is so integral to who I am. The good news is this; I do not feel a lack of anything in my life. I feel abundance and well-being. I am doing the work I was meant to do and in knowing this to be true, I'm throwing off the blanket of public opinion (at least that which is my head) and staying true to myself.