We are all online marketers

whichtestIf you are an entrepreneur, you are, on some level, involved in marketing your product or service. You get advice and help from marketer friends, from PR firms, from ad agencies, but in the end, you are always making the final call. If you have a website or blog for your company, or if you do any e-mail marketing, you should visit Anne Holland's WhichTestWon.com site. Holland shows the results of what is called "A/B Testing". It brings marketing out of the rarified atmosphere of marketer's gut instincts, and shows some real-life test results.

This week's test asks "How Should You Rank Price Options: From High-to-Low or from Low-to-High?" Half of you probably have offers listed on your websites—you need this info!

Be sure to check out the list of Past Tests. You can learn whether those big orange buttons really work, or if submit button copy matters. Fascinating!

This post was written by Virginia Reuter of Ardentio for the Biz Diva.