What is it about Marketing?

We all want to be spending our time doing marketing, we believe it is the lifeblood of our business success AND marketing is often the place in business where you invest the most resources (time, money and energy) and get the smallest return on your investment. I realize this isn’t new information, BUT, what can you do differently that will bring about positive results? My premise is that most marketing efforts fail because there is a lack of alignment – alignment between Your beliefs  •  Your values  •  Your thoughts •  Your resources  •  Your actions

If you can bring your marketing efforts into alignment with who you are, it will require less effort, fewer resources and enhance your marketing success. When you are in alignment you use less time and less money to attract your Ideal Clients, resulting in less stress and higher income.

How do you attain alignment in your business that supports effective marketing?

  • Dig deep and identify your core values
  • Recognize what natural skills and abilities uplift the work you do
  • Uncover the true identity of your Ideal Client
  • Know what you envision for the future of your business
  • Be able to communicate why your business exists
  • Participate in marketing activities that are in alignment with your business
  • Don’t be swayed by  what “everyone else is doing”
  • Focus on one marketing activity at a time

Do it yourself or do it with guidance in the upcoming Marketing from the Inside Out class beginning September 16. There are several opportunities for you to come and check out the program, free of charge, in Santa Rosa or via live webinar.