What is prosperity and how do we achieve more of it?

The word prosperity comes from "prosper," which means "to succeed in an enterprise or activity.” My spin on becoming prosperous is that a positive self-image and self-confidence are required. What I know is that you will acquire both as you practice the art of doing business. Contrary to what you might think, we are not born “knowing business.” We learn the necessary tools as we invest ourselves and our resources in growing a successful venture. One way to increase prosperity in your business is to incorporate your inner wisdom, intuition, and instincts into every decision and strategic action. Relying on your insights / insides will provide an ever unfolding journey of incredible opportunities.

Another aspect of improving your prosperity has to do with monitoring your business:

• Do you have an action plan in place? • Are you meeting your goals and objectives? • Can you rely on repeat sales and referrals? • Do your marketing efforts bring you into the sales conversation? • Are you financially literate? • Are you proud of the products and services you deliver? • Are you able to organize, balance your time, delegate?

If you allow your perceptions to combine with your pragmatism, take action from a place of balance and strength, your self-confidence will grow along with your business. This is a wonderful combination of your resources that supports both emotional and financial wellbeing.

Do you attribute your business's success to achieving inner balance and strength? How else do you achieve prosperity?