What's the plan, business woman?

opbp-august09One day. One page. One plan. One dream come true. At least it was for me. I went from frantically running in place at high speed, to jogging along happily in the direction of my business dream. Only it wasn't just a dream: it was a plan. And it became a reality. Amazingly (to us, if not to the Biz Diva), my partner and I laid out what exactly—financially, culturally, and practically—we wanted our business to look like. And, at the end of the year, when we went back to review, we were so close. Within 3% of our financial projections—which, when we made them, seemed a little hard to imagine. We had the clients we wanted. We were doing the work we planned on. It was magic.

But it wasn't magic. It was the One Page Business Plan®.

Now you can experience the magic for yourself. The Biz Diva is giving a One Page Business Plan One Day Course on August 17 in Santa Rosa. If you don't have a workable, practical plan, you can't afford to miss this class.

You can go here to learn more about what the class includes, and to sign up online.

Here is the online flyer for the specific class.

And may I suggest that you take advantage of the "early bird" sign-up and save $50. That bird will fly August 3, so do it this week!

This post was written by Virginia Reuter of Ardentio for the Biz Diva.