Why Hire a Business Consultant? How Do You Choose The Right One?

consultantMany women who start a business or are trying to grow their business imagine they are going to reach their pinnacle of success through hard work and determination. Or, they think their passion will lead them to victory. If you are one of these women, you probably don’t consider how much time, energy and money you waste doing things that are not going to yield the results you want. Or, you might find yourself doing what everyone else is doing without understanding that not everything is going to work for you, in your particular business. When I started my previous business, Making It Big, I know it wouldn’t have gotten off the ground or reached financial success without the expertise of the many people that consulted, contracted or were employed by me. This was true from the day I started the company to the day I sold it. I always said that the two reasons I was able to grow a multimillion dollar business were my financial acumen and my clear understanding that I only knew what I knew and I depended on other people to guide me. What I forgot to say was I was also very good at choosing the right people to guide and support the company.

Even though I had already built two successful businesses, the consulting world where I was “the consultant” was new to me. Eleven years ago, when I hung out that shingle, I once again relied on the support and expertise of consultants, professionals, and coaches to help me shape and grow a six figure practice. At times it was hard to spend the money on consulting but it did get easier when the guidance I was given resulted in financial success.

I invite you to contemplate what it is you don’t know and think about how that not knowing is holding you back in your business. And once you identify the roadblocks, consider moving away from your default response of not being able to afford the help you need. I want you to invest in yourself and your success. I believe that getting the assistance you need from a person who can actually help will result in financial gain as well as many other benefits.

How Do You Choose the Right Consultant?

- First, consider this an investment well worth your time and money - Take this investment seriously - Know whether you are an action or process oriented person and find a consultant that is a good match for your pace - Make a list of what you know you need and what you know you don’t know - Ask the prospective consultant what measurable results you’ll get within what time frame (set goals) - Ask for references and check them! - Trust your gut - Feel excited and optimistic when you make your decision