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There are many ways to work with the Biz Diva™

Business leader Cynthia Riggs enthusiastically shows you how to build your business into the rewarding, profitable enterprise it is meant to be. Solid credentials as a lifestyle entrepreneur have given Cynthia the necessary savvy to show you how to set your business strategy and see it through. Watch your business thrive — with guidance from the Biz Diva™!

Whether you prefer learning through a dynamic group setting or a personalized one-on-one approach, the Biz Diva can meet your needs. Over the years, Cynthia has honed her consulting expertise and put together a variety of opportunities to share her knowledge and liberate the diva in you!


Biz Diva One-on-One Mentoring



You need steady support by an experienced mentor who can navigate the complexities of growing — and sustaining — a seven figure business. Having been CEO of her own multimillion-dollar business, Cynthia appreciates what it’s like to be standing where you are, positioned for the next level of growth.

Increase your confidence and move forward. Partner with master business development consultant Cynthia Riggs, the Biz Diva!

Biz Diva Mastermind Groups


Be part of something powerful — an enlightened and vibrant group of like-minded women business owners. In this safe, supportive atmosphere you will offer your wisdom and brilliance on behalf of others, be accountable to the group, get input from your peers about how to face your challenges, and celebrate each other’s victories.

Join a Biz Diva Mastermind group to empower and energize your progress toward your ultimate business goals!

Biz Diva One Page Business Plan

One Page
Business Plan

The One Page Business Plan® provides entrepreneurs and small-business owners with a foundation for strategic business planning that results in growth and profitability. In this information-packed all-day workshop you clarify your path to success and tap into the expertise and inspiring experiences of the Biz Diva.

The One Page Business Plan  it’s a powerful, living document that propels your business growth forward!


Biz Diva Small Group Intensive

Small-Group Intensive

The Small-Group Intensive is a supercharged think tank — just you, a small group of dynamic, professional women, and the Biz Diva, with her 30-plus years of business insight. Together, the group explores all angles of the problem and then brainstorms solutions. You develop a prioritized list of action steps that will put you on the fast track to achieving tangible results.

Try this high-powered approach designed for action oriented women in business who want to step up and get going — it’s problem solving on steroids!

Biz Diva Project-Based Consulting

Project-Based Consulting

The Biz Diva helps you define and organize your projects — strategy, deadlines, and desired outcomes. She guides your progress and shares in your decision-making and problem-solving every step of the way. Designed for your small business, Project-Based Business Development is a welcome opportunity for brilliant CEOs who are stretched in too many directions.

The results are impressive: You transform your good ideas into actionable tools and procedures that create tangible results!