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A lifelong advocate for women, the Biz Diva is dedicated to taking businesswomen to the next level of success and profitability. Incisive, practical, and action-oriented — the Biz Diva understands what is needed to be a successful entrepreneur. She’s built several profitable businesses from the ground up, including a multimillion-dollar company. Having experienced the deep satisfaction success in business brings, the Biz Diva empowers women entrepreneurs so you too can experience the thrill of a thriving business.  

Knowing who your Ideal Client is can change everything. Bring clarity to your marketing efforts and grow your business!

Includes exercises and examples to guide you.

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Step Into Your Power

It’s time to move beyond your fears. The Biz Diva inspires you to embrace your strengths and be your best, most brilliant self.

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Create the Business You Envision

Live your passion and make a difference in the world. With the Biz Diva on your team, you’ll see your business thrive.

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Sustain Success

Grow beyond your limitations.
Enjoy financial security. The Biz Diva helps you build a business that will last.

The Biz Diva gets you in gear and keeps you on track to reach your goals. A straight shooter with a contagious can-do attitude, Cynthia listens to you on a whole-person level and has an uncanny ability to support you in just the way you need it most.


Client Testimonials

I run a family-owned business, founded in 1969 by my mother and father. They taught me all I know about fabricating boat canvas, boat interiors and awnings. What I didn’t learn from my parents was how to run the business. I started working with Cynthia Riggs a few years ago and the progress I’ve made is remarkable. Cash flow is no longer a problem and we are working on time and material studies on an ongoing basis to properly price our services. Working with Cynthia has improved how my business operates; goals are achievable and implementation happens. We have realized our goal of hitting a million dollars in sales and are soon to surpass it!
— Lia Gianola, Gianola Canvas
Lia Gianola
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