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The Results are Impressive!

The Biz Diva helps you define and organize your projects — strategy, deadlines, and desired outcomes. She guides your progress and shares in your decision-making and problem-solving every step of the way. You transform your good ideas into actionable tools and procedures that create tangible results!



What is Project-Based Consulting?

Biz Diva Business Development

If you have good ideas in mind for your organization but don’t have the time, energy, or skill to put them into action, consider working with a business development expert. Designed for your small business, Project-Based Business Development is a welcome opportunity for brilliant CEOs who are stretched in too many directions.

Getting a project off the ground takes focused attention, which can sap your resources. Yet without change, your business will fall behind. To keep forward momentum, join forces with the Biz Diva! She will help plan and implement your initiatives, strengthen your team, and increase your bottom line.


The Biz Diva Can Put Your Projects In Motion

Cynthia brings more than three decades of business know-how to your organization’s team. Having built several businesses from the ground up, including a multimillion-dollar company, the Biz Diva knows the keys to business success. She can help you:

  • strengthen your team’s leadership skills for higher productivity with less conflict
  • develop strategic planning to move your company to greater profits
  • financial review and planning to create financial health, awareness and confidence
  • evaluate your financial goals for more informed decision-making
  • reduce debt and improve cash flow
  • improve communication with your team and with your clients
  • human resource planning to instill employee trust, loyalty and satisfaction
  • articulate a marketing approach that aligns with your values

customized expertise


Take Action Now!

Putting off the next step in your business growth only stalls your progress. Instead of waiting for a time when you can do it all yourself, get help. Calling on professional support makes good business sense! With business development consultant Cynthia Riggs by your side, you gain from her years of entrepreneurial insights, project management leadership, and excellent communication and team-building skills. Moreover, you get the customized expertise, accountability, training, and business coaching you need to move your projects ahead — on time and on budget.

Contact Cynthia for your complimentary 45-minute consultation. You’ll discuss your project wish list and find out how the Biz Diva can help you grow and improve your business!