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Aspire, Grow, Achieve —The Biz Diva Takes You To The Next Level

You need steady support by an experienced mentor who can navigate the complexities of growing — and sustaining — a seven figure business. Having been CEO of her own multimillion-dollar business, Cynthia appreciates what it’s like to be standing where you are, positioned for the next level of growth.



Here’s how Cynthia helps you get to that next level:

  • Clarify your business vision and goals

  • Plan and implement strategic actions to accelerate forward movement

  • Create a realistic financial picture to guide your company to profitable growth

  • Debt reduction and financial positioning to support cash flow

  • Improve operations and procedures for higher efficiency and productivity

  • Build cooperative, high-performing teams

  • Align business growth with your values

Would Mentoring Benefit You?

Biz Diva one-on-one mentoring

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. You’ve made smart decisions that have paid off well. You’ve been enjoying your accomplishments, but you are ready to take your business to the next level — you want to be a part of the million-dollar club!

What’s your next step? You want incremental growth that is sustainable. The right growth strategy is essential to seven-figure mobility. Cynthia partners with you to get your ducks in a row, creating a foundation for taking your business to the next level. She brings her decades of entrepreneurial know-how to support your decision-making and problem-solving.

Sharp, straight to the point, honest and fun.
Cynthia keeps it “real”!
— Dawn Russell, Treats for Chickens
Dawn Russell



The Biz Diva Supports Your Success

Whatever your business vision, working one-on-one with the Biz Diva helps you go farther, faster. Cynthia helps you identify your priorities, focus on what’s important, and overcome the many road blocks. The Biz Diva helps you ramp up your business and your bottom line. With Cynthia by your side, you are able to meet challenges head on and move beyond them.

Having built three profitable businesses from the ground up, including a multimillion-dollar company, Cynthia understands firsthand how important support is to achieving your goals. The consultants and coaches she utilized and counted on enabled her to build a business that exceeded her wildest dreams. Combined with her years of hands on experience, Cynthia is an expert at implementing solutions to fit you and your business needs. She takes an open minded look at your situation and your resources to help identify the best path to success.


Christine Martin
Cynthia has proven to be the calm voice of reason for nearly every major decision I have made. She has helped guide me through very difficult decisions during an unstable economy and helped my business not only survive, but thrive. She supports me to move past my own fears and insecurities, into steady, reasonable growth for my company. She has found a way to turn my artistic and intuitive approach to life into a sustainable and profitable model for running a business—without losing who I am in the process. (NOT easy!) I met Cynthia when I was a freelancer working from my home office. Now we are a team of nine, and we are part of the three percent of women-owned businesses who surpass the million-dollar mark. I share every bit of the credit for this with Cynthia.
— Christine Martin, Revel Brand Design

How Does Mentoring Work?

One one one coaching with Biz Diva

You and Cynthia schedule a complimentary consultation and together determine your core issues and concerns.

Here are the takeaways you’ll get from the Biz Diva:

  • You receive a tailor-made proposal so you understand your business investment in terms of time, money and deliverables.
  • You meet with Cynthia in person or by phone as scheduled.
  • You get candid direction, assignments, meeting notes, goal setting, and more.
  • You reach your targets and take your business to the next level!


Reaching for the next level takes courage, skill, and commitment. You can do it with the Biz Diva by your side! Contact Cynthia  for your complimentary 45-minute consultation to find out how she can put you on the fast track to bigger, better business success!

Elizabeth Rehfeld
Cynthia was instrumental in helping me launch Bound4College. She has been my business consultant for many years and has helped me grow Bound4College into a successful educational consulting company. Her expertise, professionalism and encouragement have been invaluable.
— Elizabeth Rehfeld, Bound4College